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Two-Stroke Design Ready for the Future

The SUPER Two-Stroke ™ is a design for a workable engine offering reduced cylinder count, thereby enabling economic implementation of fuel saving technologies.

Today, numerous combustion technologies exist that can reduce fuel consumption and emission by 30 to 60%. The major problem is the cost; each cylinder needs an expensive fuel injector. To solve this problem every major automobile manufacture has attempted to develop a two-stroke engine. Their rational was that a two-stroke would provide the necessary power with fewer cylinders than the currently used four-stroke. This would reduce the cost of basic engine parts and the injection systems the new technologies required. 

Unfortunately the problems of the two-stroke were not resolved and today the cost factor hinders or even prevents wide spread use of many excellent technologies.

Using a newly invented Crosshead Piston and the proven wet-sump lubrication system from the four-stroke (no gas/oil mixing), inventor Craig Beshore has solved the problems of the two-stroke engine. The SUPER Two-Stroke™ makes possible the profitable implementation of a wide array of technologies that are ready NOW. See our Applications page for a list and brief description of these technologies.